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FlowDesigner Professional Edition

  FlowDesigner Professional Edition

Realization of Amazingly “simple” and “easy” simulation for people never used simulation software or unsatisfied with current software. Fluid/thermal/environment 3D simulation software, FlowDesigner make simulation more efficient. Plans and ideas like living environment/air conditioning analysis can be compared many times.

FlowDesigner Enterprise Edition

  FlowDesigner Enterprise Edition

Enterprise editions has Inverse analysis functionality (Non-parametric *1 sensitivity analysis “Adviser module”) in addition to standard FlowDesigner. Inverse analysis, which is the first in fluid analysis field and the most advanced simulation technique in the world, supports your design optimization.


*1 Non-parametric: Analysis independent of parametric study (trial-and-error)

Functionality comparison among editions

FlowDesigner has standard and enterprise editions.
Enterprise editions has additional Inverse analysis functionality (Adviser module).

FlowDesigner lineup

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Contact for product/service

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Analysis Animations

Animation samples for Air flow/Thermal/Environment analysis

Customers’ Voice

Our Clients’ applications of “FlowDesigner” in Air flow/Thermal/Environment analysis