A Study Using FlowDesigner was Introduced to Academia in China


7月 27, 2018

Professor Zhen Xu, associate professor at Nanjing Forest University, met AKLFlowDesigner for the first time when he was in Harvard University and is still in use today.

In a recent paper published in Urban Planning Forum, the top one urban planning and architecture journal in China, AKLFlowDesigner is used for research on changes in the historical wind environment in urban areas.

(Click image to download the PDF file)

XU Zhen,HAN Lingyun (2018)
The Historical Changes of Winds above Open Spaces and the Surroundings of Nanjing
Urban Planning Forum, Vol 242, 2018(2), pp.81-88

In addition, the animation of the analysis result has been created.

We are so pleased and honored that our software support such researches.