CFD Simulation for Architectual Design

Simulation for AEC Application

  • Autodesk Revit®
  • Rhinoceros®
  • SketchUp®
AKL FlowDesigner is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software that enables wind analysis by easily importing 3D models of buildings or urban blocks developed by modeling tools such as Autodesk Revit, GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD, Rhinoceros and SketchUp. AKL FlowDesigner is BIM capable in IFC format. Architects, designers, engineers and consultants can use AKL FlowDesigner early in the design process to understand and visualize air flow around their projects. Early analysis reduces design time and gives a powerful impression to clients. CFD simulation of AKL FlowDesigner gives you the maximum benefit in the application of AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry. Airflow simulation used to be a complex and time-consuming task requiring deep technical knowledge. No more! AKL FlowDesigner allows any user to create simulations and analyze air flow in minutes. No engineering degree or complex calculations are required!

Works with Many BIM Software Tools

Create Simulations in Minutes !

  • Intuitive UI
  • Fast Calculation
  • Expressive Visualziation

A Powerful Tool to Understand and Visualize Airflow

Simple and quick to use

Make the design process more efficient and cost-effective

Patented in Japan, the United States and Europe

Connecting Architectural Design and Environmental Design

  • Urban Spaces
  • Air Conditioning
  • Data Centers

Simple Preparation

Unlike conventional software tools, AKL FlowDesigner does not require any complicated preparation for analysis. It can easily import data from Rhinoceros or SketchUp and the air flow can be simulated intuitively. AKL FlowDesigner is equipped with user-friendly data entry screen that allows intuitive and manualess data entry for desired air flow simulation.

Easy to visualize

AKL FlowDesigner makes technology proposals come to life for clients. By creating a visually appealing simulation, it transforms an abstract concept into an appealing and understandable demonstration that clearly illustrates wind flow and temperature distribution in 3D.

Fast and Robust

With conventional CFD software tools, even simple models require over 30 minutes to generate 3D air flow simulations. In contrast, AKL FlowDesigner can import data and create a powerful simulation in only 5 minutes*1 Traditional software tools also required a user to establish detailed parameters in order to converge analyzed data. AKL FlowDesigner does away with this unnecessary and time-consuming process. Its highly robust solver lets designers perform 3D simulations quickly and easily.

*1:Time required for analysis varies depending on the resolution of the mesh.

Watch the AKL FlowDesigner Videos !

  • Rhinoceros to AKL FlowDesignerRhinoceros to AKL FlowDesigner1:39
  • SketchUp to AKL FlowDesignerSketchUp to AKL FlowDesigner1:02
  • ArchiCAD to AKL FlowDesignerArchiCAD to AKL FlowDesigner1:35
  • VectorWorks to AKL FlowDesignerVectorWorks to AKL FlowDesigner1:28