AKL FlowDesigner Professional Edition

Grasshopper component of AKL FlowDesigner is released!

A Grasshopper component has been released that allows you to use “Operate objects”, “Condition setting” and etc. on the AKL FlowDesigner by an offer from the Mae laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

Operating AKL FlowDesigner through Grasshopper YouTube (external link)

You can download it from FLOWDESIGNER PLUG-IN (food4Rhino) (external link)

Tool to “Visualize” Eco Design/Eco Proposal

Realization of Amazingly “simple” and “easy” simulation for people never used simulation software or unsatisfied with current software

AKL FlowDesigner is 3D simulation software for air flow and thermal/contamination distribution. “Air Flow Analysis Simulation” technology or Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), which has been used in only universities and industrial labs, has been commercialized as a tool for everyone. That is “AKL FlowDesigner”.
You can “visualize” wind flow and temperature distribution, which is hard to comprehend by scientific and technological analysis.

80% of users are fist CFD users. Almost all of them have realized the difference in their businesses. As a tool to “Visualize” Eco Design/Eco Proposal, it can be utilized design/implementation discussion, equipment ventilation design, or building-induced wind research, etc. It can be utilized for technical proposals to your clients. Experience the effects of evaluation of design ideas easily on PCs.


Example of
thermal distribution simulation

Authentic simulation tool for everyone

  • It is very easy to adopt even for people who have never used, design and installation engineers, sales persons who would like to propose with technical proof.
  • It requires only a half-day training to start using AKL FlowDesigner because of mouse-operation based simple user interfaces.
    Modification of calculation conditions is very easy so that comparison of different conditions becomes very easy.
  • Automatic mesh generation and parameter adjustment implemented. Made-in-Japan software which made designers utilize air flow simulation in daily operation. Air flow simulation is not just for specialists any more.
  • Shows air flow, temperature, and contamination distribution changes as 3D animations.
simulation image

What you can do
with half-day training

Product Concepts

Easy Visualization for Everyone
Grasping air flow made easy. “Visualizing,” too.
“Easy,” “Simple” and High-Accuracy at same time
Simulation is useful because it can evaluate many different conditions.
To develop ideas from many trial calculations
We want you to see the analysis results and utilized insight from the calculations. These are the concepts we keep in mind to develop this software.
Analysis software is a tool
Is becoming a software expert your main objective?
Visualization of wind flow

Visualization of wind flow

Import CAD files

Model importing with IFC data
Importing IFC files and setting boundary conditions easily build analysis models. It will reduce time required to build analysis models significantly.
Model importing with STL data
General purpose file format, STL widely used with CAD software can be imported.
Model importing with SKP data
Import feature of SketchUp file format is now available. This makes many kinds of analysis easier, e.g. external wind analysis using geographic data.
Model importing with 3DS data
Import feature of 3DS file format which is exported from many kinds of CAD software is now available.

IFC data link

New Features of AKL FlowDesigner

Became easier to analyze CAD models and complicated models!
Stability of calculation, and usability of modeling and mesh edit have been improved!
Result output of wind pressure coefficient and wind weighting, and solar integration analysis are now available!

Major New Features

  • The number of importable CAD data format has been increased!(.skp, .3ds)
  • Solar integration feature
  • Numerical wind-tunnel analysis
  • Analysis result viewer
New Features of AKL FlowDesigner

Importing SKP file(top)
and solar analysis(bottom)

Applications of AKL FlowDesigner

From urban spaces to electronic printed boards, various different spaces can be analyzed!
Can be applied for many different applications.

Major Applications

  • Air flow analysis of urban spaces
  • Air-conditioning analysis of arenas
  • Air flow analysis of data centers
  • Ventilation duct heating analysis
  • Short circuit analysis of air-conditioning outdoor units
  • Ventilation analysis of verandas
  • Indoor surface condensation analysis
  • Heat-sinking analysis electronics boards
  • 3D air flow animation (temperature analysis of an office)
Air flow analysis of urban spaces

Air flow analysis of urban spaces

Analysis Animations

AKL FlowDesigner can make animation from analysis. Easily inspected transition of the conditions.

Major Analysis Examples

  • Air flow and temperature distribution of large arena
  • Heat control for data centers
  • Natural convection for buildings with “Tower of the Wind”
  • Heat analysis for equipment rooms
  • Heat analysis for air-conditioning outdoor units with external wind

And more analysis examples introduced.

Air flow and temperature distribution of large arena

Air flow and temperature
distribution of large arena

Functionalities/Suggested Operation Conditions/Support

Describing Functionalities/Suggested Operation Conditions/Support

Major Contents

  • AKL FlowDesigner product line-up
    Professional and Enterprise (with additional Inverse analysis with Adviser module) editions are available.
  • Suggested operation conditions
    OS, CPU, memories suggested for AKL FlowDesigner analysis
  • Piece-of-mind user support service
    You can upload your models for us to check.

Peace-of-mind support service
even for first users