FlowDesigner Strengths

Easy Visualization for Everyone

Grasping air flow made easy. “Visualizing,” too. AKL FlowDesigner is the tool to make you attempt to ideas and answers for the current problems by visualizing phenomena. It is also effective tool to make proposals to your clients.

“Easy”,”Simple” and High-Accuracy at same time

Simulation is useful because it can evaluate many different conditions. We have developed high-precision and high-performance algorithm based on SIMPLE-C that has an established reputation. If the mesh and boundary conditions are same, AKL FlowDesigner allows you to get analysis result as precise as tools of researchers dedicated, so it has been introduced to many universities and research institutions.

To develop ideas from many trial calculations

We want you to see the analysis results and utilized insight from the calculations. These are the concepts we keep in mind to develop this software. What this software can give you is not the answer, but the opportunities to attempt to “ideas”. It supports you to create new ideas and proposals by executing simulations with simple operation.

Analysis software is a tool

Is becoming a software expert your main objective? It shouldn't be your goal to be a expert of modeling or analysis data creator. It is more important to examine the current problem with using simulation results, and make effective proposals to clients. AKL FlowDesigner is the software that can be realized to execute easily up to analysis result without operating manual.